ITN was founded in 1995 in the perspective to offer to the companies a network of competences centered on laboratory’s automation and instrumentation.


ITN’s team is composed of HES engineers of computer science and electronic training and have several years of experience in the development area.


We provide measurements solutions integrating all components necessary for the needs of our customer.
ITN knows how to gain specific competences in order to solve a problem. Our network allows us to work with specialists who advise us for example in the case of real time applications requiring DSP and suitable electronics, or for systems of data acquisition requiring distributed components.

Software Development

Our main activity is the development of software with LabVIEW in the metrology field. We take a particular care to integrate our software with relational database or XML files in order to ensure the persistence of the data and to facilitate the generation of measurement reports. Read more…

Electronic Development

If the products available on the market do not fulfill the requirements of the project, ITN develops the necessary electronic components in order to reach the required performances. Read more…


We provide design service, micromechanic and mechanical design. We realize machining housings, front panels for control and backpanel for the connectors. More complex items are to be machined by the subtractive method (CNC machining, laser cutting, water jet, …) or additive (3D printing) according to the needs. Read more…


ITN proposes consulting services in informatic and electronic development, automation, measurements, help in choosing sensors or for the realization of driver for particular instruments.