Application examples

  • Primary voltage standard based on a network of Josephson junctions, gas output standard and gas pressure standard
  • Sensor calibration of forces and piezoelectric pressures
  • Volume and mass comparator
  • Radar antennas measurement for velocity and laser beams Laser gun calibration through distance and speed simulation
  • Recording and Internet publication of the atmospheric pressure
  • Light sources measurements, humidity, dew point or temperature measurements (ITS90)
  • Measure time of arrival (TOA) absolute of impulses and control of instruments
  • Several application in HF domain (transfer function measurement,…)
  • Realization of data-processing components providing services of communication TCP and UDP
  • Industrial automat programming (PLC, Saia)
  • Consulting and drivers development for several acquisition devices

Some references

  • Armasuisse
  • Metas
  • Philip-Morris International
  • Seven